This video demonstrates how I take underwater video of a model, isolate a still shot to create a photograph, and then digitally paint upon that photo to create a unique art piece.

A little background: I actually do these underwater photo shoots in my therapy pool. I’m disabled (Dysautonomia) and have very limiting mobility issues on land, but can move almost normally in the low gravity environment of water. Spending daily time in the pool exercising is what gave me the idea to try underwater photo shoots, which I do with my phone placed inside a waterproof case. One night I was admiring the lights bouncing off the water in the dark and thought “Hey! Wouldn’t it be neat to photograph people underwater at night…” Before my first photoshoot with a model, I realized I needed to practice in order to figure out the logistics of how to do this; What height should the camera be, how does the model keep from floating away (the answer is: weights), etc. This painting, Kaleidoscope, resulted from that first practice session. It is basically an underwater “selfie”. I decided to painted upon it several months later when I reviewed the video again. It got named “Kaleidoscope”by a fellow artist and Social Media follower (Allyce Capps) in a naming contest I held on my Facebook and Instagram pages.